About Us

We are a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to improving vaccination rates for all Iowans through education, advocacy, and statewide partnerships.

Iowa Immunizes

Mission and Vision
Iowa Immunizes is a pivotal coalition, spearheaded by dedicated individuals and organizations across Iowa, united by a singular mission: to bolster immunization rates across the state, ensuring every Iowan, regardless of age, has access to lifesaving vaccines. Our vision is a future where vaccine-preventable diseases are a thing of the past, achieved through steadfast education, advocacy, and the fostering of robust statewide partnerships.

Our Goal
The essence of the Immunization Program’s ambition is twofold: to drastically reduce and, in due course, eradicate the occurrence of vaccine-preventable illnesses. This is orchestrated through collaborative efforts with an array of public and private healthcare providers peppered throughout Iowa, aiming for a seamless integration of resources and expertise.

Who We Are
Our collective endeavor is the fortification of Iowa’s immunization defenses, safeguarding both children and adults. Through the dissemination of trustworthy vaccine information and the advocacy of science-driven vaccine policies, we stand united in our commitment to public health.

Operational Framework
Operated under the auspices of the Iowa Public Health Association (IPHA), Iowa Immunizes prides itself on its independence, sustained through generous donations and grants, distinct from IPHA’s general funds. This autonomy ensures our flexibility and adaptability in meeting our goals.

Committees and Structure
The coalition’s endeavors are propelled by the concerted efforts of our four standing committees, each tasked with distinct yet complementary objectives:

  • Steering Committee: Guides the coalition’s direction, ensuring alignment with our overarching mission and strategic priorities.
  • Communication Committee: Spearheads our outreach efforts, crafting and disseminating vital information on vaccines and immunization practices.
  • Immunization Equity Committee: Focuses on bridging gaps in vaccine access and equity, striving for universal immunization coverage across all communities.
  • Policy and Advocacy Committee: Engages in shaping and promoting vaccine policies that are grounded in scientific evidence, aiming to influence public policy for the betterment of public health.

In partnership with the Iowa Cancer Consortium, these committees synergize their efforts to amplify impact. Additionally, the Scientific Advisory Committee plays a role in vetting all materials produced, ensuring they meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Our Commitment to Education and Advocacy

At the heart of Iowa Immunizes lies our unwavering commitment to education and advocacy. By equipping Iowans with accurate, science-based vaccine information and championing policies that support immunization efforts, we aim to foster a culture of health and wellness.

Together, with the support of our partners and the community, Iowa Immunizes endeavors to lead the charge against vaccine-preventable diseases, securing a healthier future for all Iowans.