Our Story, Our Shot

is a comprehensive and impactful media campaign centered around the African American community’s experiences with vaccinations. This initiative has culminated in a rich collection of personal stories, insights, and educational content, all aimed at fostering understanding and promoting informed decision-making about vacations.

Media Kit Contents

Our website offers a diverse range of media resources, meticulously curated to suit various needs and platforms:

Short Video Clips:

Perfect for social media use, these concise yet powerful clips offer glimpses into the personal vaccination stories of individuals from the African American community. They are designed to engage, inform, and encourage dialogue on social platforms.

Short Video Clips:

These short films delve deeper, presenting detailed narratives and expert insights. Ideal for educational and informational purposes, they serve as invaluable resources for community groups, healthcare professionals, and

Download and Usage

All media content, including both short video clips and long-format videos, are readily available for download on our website. We encourage their use for educational, informational, and community outreach purpose. Each piece of content is crafted with the intent to be easily accessible and impactful, ensuring that the vital stories of the African American community’s experiences with vaccinations

Join the Conversation

Join us in amplifying these important voices. Download, share, and use these stories to make a difference in your community.
“Our Story, Our Shot” is more than just a campaign – it’s a movement towards greater understanding and communal health.

For specific video requests or additional campaign materials, please contact us through the website


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