Immunization doesn’t just protect the person getting the vaccine; it protects the entire community. By getting shots on time, you can protect your child and yourself from disease and protect others at home, school or work.

We Need Your Support

As part of our ongoing commitment to public health and community well-being, we at Iowa Immunizes are reaching out to our community members, healthcare professionals, and policymakers to advocate for stronger, more effective vaccine policies in Iowa. Our mission is to ensure that every Iowan has access to vaccines that are safe, effective, and readily available. To achieve this, we need your support.

Together, we can create a healthier Iowa, where everyone has access to the vaccines they need to live safe, healthy lives. Join us in advocating for policies that not only protect the well-being of all Iowans but also support the broader goals of public health and disease prevention.

Why Your Voice Matters
Vaccines are one of the most powerful tools we have to prevent disease and safeguard our communities against outbreaks. However, accessing vaccines can be challenging due to various barriers that many Iowans face. These barriers include logistical issues, such as transportation and scheduling, as well as misinformation about vaccine safety and efficacy.

Our Call to Iowa’s Legislators
We urge Iowa’s legislators to champion policies that are rooted in science and public health best practices. Specifically, we advocate for legislation that will:

  • Reduce Barriers to Vaccination: Simplify the process for Iowans to get vaccinated by increasing the number of vaccination sites, extending operating hours, and ensuring vaccines are free or low-cost. Enhancing mobile vaccination efforts and community outreach can also play a role in reaching underserved populations.
  • Encourage Adherence to Evidence-Based Vaccine Recommendations: Support initiatives that align with guidelines from reputable health organizations. This includes funding for vaccine education programs and the implementation of school and workplace vaccination campaigns.
  • Support Accurate, Science-Based Immunization Information: Combat misinformation by promoting transparent, factual communication about the benefits and safety of vaccines. This involves investing in public awareness campaigns and providing healthcare professionals with resources to effectively communicate with patients about vaccinations.

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Contact your State Legislators – By engaging with your State Legislators, you play a crucial role in shaping policy decisions and influencing the direction of legislative initiatives.

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Iowa Legislature Bill Tracker – Stay ahead of developments, mobilize support or opposition as needed, and actively engage in the legislative process to advocate for policies that promote immunization awareness, access to healthcare, and community well-being.